INSTALASH: 3 in 1 LASH & FACE Cleansing Foam and Make-up Remover with Eyelash Conditioner

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INSTALASH LASH & FACE is a face and eyelash cleansing foam with Make-Up Remover, combining the features of a mild face cleansing gel, an eyelash shampoo and a nourishing serum. Thanks to it you will get strong and thick eyelashes during your daily care. The foam is ideal for facial skin care and for washing extended and natural lashes. Used both at home and in the best beauty salons.

Thanks to carefully selected active ingredients, the foam has a comprehensive effect on the face complexion as well as on our eyelashes and eyebrows. This foam combines several care steps in one cosmetic and successfully replaces other face cleansers.


  • Perfect cleansing of extended eyelashes. Lash&Face foam decreases the tendency of eyelash falling so application lasts longer
  • Strengthened eyelashes
  • Nourished skin
  • Contains Betaine, which increases the thickness of the lashes
  • Does not cause irritation

Betaine – has a strong moisturizing effect. Moisturized lashes are healthier and more prone to growth. Their natural tendency to fall out is reduced, thanks to which there are more lashes, and they look thicker. Excellent after cosmetic procedures that dry out the hair.

The foam will be ideal for:

  • damaged eyelashes and eyebrows that need regeneration
  • cleansing of extended eyelashes
  • after cosmetic procedures, e.g. eyelash lifting, eyebrow lamination, in order to maintain the effect of the procedure longer thanks to an appropriate dose of moisturization
  • after removal of eyelash extensions

100ML / 3.38 Fl oz.