INSTALASH: LashBOOST Mascara with Growth Stimulating Serum

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Black mascara with a growth stimulating serum that improves the length and thickness of lashes has become an undeniable phenomenon thanks to the powerful regeneration of lashes that takes place during everyday activities.  

You do not need to do any additional actions and use unhealthy products such as serums with synthetic ingredients - our mascara does not contain Bimatoprost.

Thanks to a very strong moisturizing ingredient, the cosmetic permanently adds volume to the lashes.

Thanks to a natural complex of ingredients, the mascara contributes to:

  1. more active and vital hair follicles
  2. eyelash growth
  3. keeping eyelashes in a very good shape (anti-ageing effect)
  4. increase of the density, number and thickness of hairs, more volume to eyelashes
  5. reduction of eyelash loss

Use mascara daily. The right ingredients will naturally regenerate your lashes and you will look after the health of your lashes with your daily make-up. 

Perfectly sized double-sided brush has graduated length of bristles on both sides. Allows you to reach each lash, increasing its volume, from root to top, without dirtying the area around the eye.

Thanks to innovative ingredients, the effect of INSTALASH cosmetics treatment will stay with you much longer than using standard eyelash serums with Bimatoprost. 

  • Our products do not contain Bimatoprost or its subsidiaries

The mascara uses a complex of 3 active ingredients which have a comprehensive effect on lashes: they thicken, lengthen, moisturize and prevent them from falling out.

Baicapil is a designed and proprietary formula that helps to stop the loss of eyelashes. 

L-Arginine effectively hydrates lashes, boosts lash growth and prevents lash loss. 

Panthenol (provitamin B5) wraps the lashes and seals their surface. It helps thicken, lengthen and regenerate lashes.