INSTALASH: LiftBOOST CONDITIONER – Lash Lifting & Brow Lamination and Botox Aftercare

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LiftBOOST CONDITIONER is dedicated to eyelashes and eyebrows after lifting and lamination or Botox treatment.

This is the first product of this type on the market whose natural complex of ingredients will not only extend the durability of both treatments but also strengthen, nourish, and enhance your eyelashes. 

LiftBOOST CONDITIONER will strengthen the effects of your treatment, ensuring it stays with you for longer.

– The highest quality of nutrition

– The product supports the retention of pigment in the hair structure, making the hair remain pigmented, shiny, and flexible for up to 60% longer

– It makes the hair much more visible and curled longer and the look is fixed and expressive

– It is compatible with all eyelash lifting and eyebrow lamination systems

LiftBOOST CONDITIONER is applied in beauty salons at the end of the lamination treatment. Now, this professional conditioner is also available for you with the same concentrated and nourishing formula. LiftBOOST CONDITIONER is a bit of luxury for the health and strengthening of your eyelashes as well as the intensification of the natural beauty of your look. 

After treatment hair is very dry and strained. The lifting and lamination treatment consists in breaking disulphide bridges in the eyelash or eyebrow fibers, thus permanently changing their shape.

LiftBOOST is a vitamin bomb for eyelashes and eyebrows, which naturally supplements the hair, fills in the damaged parts, and nourishes the hair deeply. The nourishing ingredients enhance the hair color and make it shine, thus extending the durability of this treatment.

The goal is beauty that goes hand in hand with health in line with our “Healthy Glow!” motto.

If you want to protect natural hair after the treatment, we recommend using the product every day. The product does not make eyelashes stick together and thanks to a special brush it is very easily applied to the eyelashes and eyebrows.

  • Our products do not contain Bimatoprost.