INSTALASH: LashBOOST SERUM – Lash & Brow Growth and Conditioning Serum

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Grow and heal your lashes & brows with LashBOOST SERUM

LashBOOST SERUM visibly lengthens and thickens your eyelashes and eyebrows

Choose eyelash and eyebrows care consciously ensuring your hair are healthy and have a fuller look.

LashBOOST SERUM contains only safe ingredients. The main active ingredient is the patented and innovative WIDELASH® consisting of the Biotinylate-GHK matricin vitamin.

– increase in eyelash and eyebrow length

– increase in eyelash and eyebrow thickness

– increase in eyelash and eyebrow density

– increase in eyelash and eyebrow strength

Eyelashes become longer, fuller, and stronger, emphasizing the natural beauty of a woman’s face. The roots become stronger and the eyelashes more resistant to falling out.

The conditioner does not contain the potentially harmful bimatoprost or its derivatives popular in the eyelash cosmetics sector! Our goal is beauty that goes hand in hand with health in line with our “Healthy Glow!” motto.

LashBOOST SERUM is the best eyelash serum for women with thin and delicate eyelashes who expect precise support. In addition to the visible lengthening and thickening of the eyelashes, the highly concentrated formula of the conditioner means that it improves the appearance of eyelashes without the need to extend them. The serum is also recommended for eyelashes weakened by age when their growth potential decreases and they become fragile. LashBOOST SERUM is a regenerating boost for your eyelashes.

The conditioner is applied at the eyelashes base which means that it is immediately absorbed and penetrates directly into the hair follicles where the life of each eyelash begins. The serum adapts to the natural eyelash growth cycle and stimulates the roots to work more efficiently. Consequently, each new lash that enters the anagen phase grows thicker, longer, and stronger. It is a well-thought solution that responds precisely to the most serious problems with lashes.