SKALA Super Curly - 2 in 1 Treatment Cream #SuperCurly

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2 in 1: Leave-in conditioner + hair treatment conditioning.

#SuperCurly was especially developed to you who seek a daily friend to grand your hair the perfect volume. It's the perfect combination of 3 elements which provide strength, hydration and detangling. And the best is yet to come. It can be used either as a hair treatment conditioning or a leave-in conditioner. Just use and let it rest all day long.

Mix of oils
Argan oil: full of fat acids.
Coconut oil: it promotes repairing, glow, softness, hydration to the strands, making combing a lot easier.
Pataua oil: it strengthens and prevents from hair loss.
Amaranth extract: amino acids restorage, making combing a lot easier.
Vitamin E. Ultra repair and glow.

Net. Wt. 1000g/35.2 oz

For curly and super curly hair.